Caravans Echo Quattro

Fuel Capacity: 0. Replaced by 2 x Grocery Boxes Total Length: 5150 mm Fire extinguisher mounting bracket with 1 kg fire extinguisher
Water: 25 Litre Tank Width: 1960 mm 1 x wash basin drying rack frame
Battery: 17 AMP Height: 1970 mm 1 x drying rack
Battery Charger: 6 V Weight: 790 kg 1 x dish wash basin

Caravans Echo Namib

The Namib: Compact But Packed with Features

Compact, Light and luxurious. Tough enough to explore the worst terrain imaginable. Excellent aerodynamic for easy towing; outstanding structural and body strength. The NAMIB has been designed to accomodate two adults in absolute comfort. The focus is on Relaxation and ease of use. Setup and Packing is simple, easy and quick . Ample interior space and a walk-in shower are some of the unique features of this compact off-road caravan.


Caravans Echo Kavango

Rugged Comfort
Innovative, luxurious, aerodynamic. The Kavango design achieves all that and has go-anywhere toughness as an inherent principle. Whether you camp in the best equipped park or in the most rugged outdoors, the KAVANGO will look the deal and handle all in its stride. At roof height it is the lowest of all caravans but with the ground clearance of a serious vehicle.


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